Meet Margi and Janie

Digital Entrepreneurs with a passion for showing others the path to freedom

We are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams and a determination to wake you up to the possibilities of a digital business

Hello...I am Margi Batson

My mission is to change the world one person at a time, to compassionately reach out to support and encourage others so that they can confidently believe in themselves and thrive.

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Margi's Story

I’m a baby boomer, the world has changed dramatically since I entered it in 1947.

My parents were 10 pound poms, arriving in Australia with 3 young children in 1948 only to find that their sponsors had been evicted, so with nowhere to live they borrowed a huge tent and set up home on a vacant block of land in Adelaide. Talk about doing it tough.

But they were resilient, they stuck it out and I grew up in the land of sunshine.

My childhood was a mixture of fun and adventure, there were no restrictions and we played outdoors from dawn to dusk. For me life indoors was very different, my father turned to alcohol and family life was volatile and dysfunctional.

I started work at 15 years of age as a shorthand typist and as soon as I was financial enough I moved out of home and shared accommodation with others.

I met my husband at work, after 5 years of courting, we married, and had two beautiful daughters.

Our married life was eventful, we both changed jobs many times, we built several businesses, some successful and others not so. We bought and sold houses, changing our address often, we travelled the world together, life was full of variety.

In 1998 with our daughters both living abroad, we started a new phase in our lives and relocated from Adelaide to Darwin.

My husband opened a business in the finance industry and was very successful. I continued working doing what I knew best, secretarial work, retiring from full time work in 2005.

I was happy and content, enjoying my hobby of painting, playing an occasional game of golf, and travelling overseas.

Life took a 90 degree turn when after 43 years our marriage ended. For the first time ever I found myself living alone, with the realisation that there was a lot of learning I had to do, I’d relied on someone else for many years. It was a huge wake-up call.

Towards the end of our marriage our finances weren’t looking too healthy. Investments had gone pear-shaped, and my husband’s hopes of retiring at age 65 were dashed. He’s still working at the age of 70. I was forced to sell my beautiful apartment, find rental accommodation and apply for the pension, something I never thought I’d be doing.

I took up study and qualified as a FasterEFT practitioner, the training and the connection with others helped pull me out of the downward spiral I was on.  My studies also ate into the meagre finances I was left with. I love the work and am passionate about helping others, and I take on clients who don’t have the means to pay for sessions. Recouping the study costs has been a long, drawn out experience.

A few months ago as I was watching a TedTalk on my computer and came across a digital marketing business opportunity on a YouTube ad and it ticked a lot of boxes. I first saw this business as a means to earn extra income but I’ve realised that it’s much more than that.  It’s a learning academy that teaches both online marketing skills and self-improvement techniques and it’s something both Janie and I can share with others who are looking for a change or for future security.  It’s also given me hope that one day I will again own my own home and not have to rely on the pension.  I actually saw a video about this business 8 years ago and I dismissed it, thinking it wasn’t something I could do. Fast forward 8 years and the only thing that has really changed is that my finances have diminished.

It’s an educational platform, teaching how to market our business, or anyone else’s business online. It’s a community of supporting and encouraging members, and it’s led by people who are visionaries. The two young men at the head, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek built their own empires online, but they found that wealth didn’t give them satisfaction. They’ve put together an organization that is first and foremost about self-improvement, a culture of sharing, caring, giving, supporting and helping which is connected to a wealth of knowledge and learning for business advancement.


Jay and Stu are the co-founders of the training platform. Their passion for facilitating greatness and growth in everyone who takes the leap of faith is incredible. They are leaders of a company I am so proud to recommend.

Janie and I have formed a partnership to build our online business. Our aim is twofold, we have something to offer other than the traditional way of employment and business, giving hope and encouragement, where right now there might be insecurity and doubt about the future. It also gives us a way to earn a living, giving me back control and flexibility and giving Janie her own job security and less stress.

Just like any business, it’s not easy and it’s not free. It requires a business mindset, investment, commitment to hard work and above all a burning desire to succeed.

We’re committed to sharing and showing other people that there is a different way.  Traditional jobs no longer offer long term security, and this is a great time to take control to learn something that will enable you to live a lifestyle of your own desire and making. My mission is to open people up to another possibility, those who are stuck in the traditional economy, to give them that ‘light bulb’ moment that sparks action and hope.

We’re both proof that it can be done, I’m 72 without any technical know-how, no prior knowledge of digital marketing and I built this website. It’s amazing what can be done with the right mentorship and your own determination.  We’re both learning and taking action and we’re keen to share this opportunity with others who are looking for a change or who are concerned about their future.

If you’re curious and would like more information, just register your name and email address at the bottom of this page and we’ll send you through a free video series. These are the same videos we watched and that sparked our interest.

This organization is heads and shoulders above anything I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain.  I invite you to join us on this journey.

Hey....I am Janie Acutt

My mission is to lead and inspire people to challenge themselves and step into their power, to offer a supporting and learning environment so that people can begin to dream again and move toward their higher self and life goals.

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Janie's Story

I’m Janie, Margi’s eldest daughter (age 47 years). I grew up in Australia with loving parents and a sister Kate who is 2-1/2 years younger. I had a happy and privileged childhood. By no means were we rich but life was filled with love, guidance and support from Mum and Dad.

Mum and Dad were entrepreneurs from the day I was born and I watched them succeed at several businesses although Mum worked on and off in jobs over the years also.  In the back of my mind, I always felt that owning my own business was part of my DNA.

School was not an enjoyable place for me.  Perhaps it was the entrepreneurial spirit that made it feel like I was boxed-in.   'Dream big' and 'being different' or 'thinking outside the box' were not beliefs associated with school.  My parents were very much of the mind, 'dare to be different' and always told us to find our own path rather than follow the herd.  So I followed my passion - musical theatre and left school to pursue it full time.

Aged 20, I moved to London to check out the theatres. London was a wake-up call. Life wasn’t quite so comfortable and I realised, without a professional qualification it was a place where one existed, not lived.  And all the travel I had planned and dreamed about was not going to happen.

London West End theatre would not provide the funds needed for the extensive travel plan.  I began temping with a Private Equity company and they liked me, I liked them.  They offered a placement in financial college part-time while I worked for them full time.  I accepted and obtained a qualification as a Certified Chartered Accountant. I worked at that company for 13 years and enjoyed the learning and challenges that come with moving up the career ladder.

I met my husband, Scott in my second year abroad. We planned to invest in property to create a second income stream and attended a year-long Property Investing course.  We bought a number of properties, fulfilling part of my entrepreneurial spirit.  Some were good investments, others not so. The properties became more of a headache than a passion - recessions, fires, flooding and bad tenants made for stressful experiences.

My finance career meant we could move into our dream country home and for 8 years my daily commute increased from an hour a day to 3.5 hours a day.  A bigger home in the country meant a bigger mortgage, added vehicle expenses and my dream of retiring early ended.  The long commute  to and from work plus work hours meant a 12 hour working day.  In busy accounting periods, it's up to 15 hour days which was exhausting.

Mum’s separation from Dad meant her 'hobby' therapy business needed to be a full-time income.  She was qualified in stress relief techniques but had not needed to push for clients in the past.  Ideally, she needed to get her business online and go global.  While researching online how to do this, she came across Helena's advert on YouTube. She subscribed to the free video series which explained how it was possible to start an online business.  After watching the free workshop videos, she shared them with me because it was an education ideal for me too.  I'd had enough of the corporate world, I wanted to take back control of my life and have more options.  The digital education platform was teaching how to create a successful business without your own products and services.  The course also focused on mindset and self-development which is useful when one begins a new journey in a new direction.

The co-founders of the academy, Stuart and Jay, are incredible trainers and mentors who communicate with integrity and authenticity.  Their own journeys are a masterpiece and for a time they were mentoring people and creating (in Stuart’s words) ‘Rich assholes’ which they, not surprisingly, found unfulfilling.  Coming together in business they wanted to provide more than an education and business platform where people could earn an income to create freedom.  They wanted to create a supportive community where mindset was at the forefront of the education.  My family had been into personal development since I was a young teen so I found it very attractive as a platform and business.


Stuart and Jay

Starting with the academy has been both fun and overwhelming as there's a lot to learn.  But I'm passionate about what I do, for the first time in many years.  I've seen first hand the lifestyle that comes with a successful online business - when you do the work.  I'm not talking about fast cars and fancy homes - any well paid corporate career can provide that.  I'm referring to geographical and time freedom.  When your online business is working for you 24/7 globally, you have choices.  Having the choice to continue in your traditional career or not.  The time and finances to travel more, more family time, to seek out your passions and maybe even find your purpose in life (if you don't already know).


Janie and Margi with friends and mentors, Grant and Helena who introduced them to the education platform. They were able to quit their 6 figure corporate careers after 18 months of starting their online business.

This new online education has been a challenge but being excited about my future again, with the help of a mentor and coach through the SFM business has been life-changing.

I hope this inspires you to take a leap of faith and join us on a very special journey and adventure – a place where you can rekindle your dream; to work on ‘stop existing – start living’!  Expect some hard work and big challenges whilst learning something completely new.  But also expect the very best of you to come out at the other end and some incredible life-long friends.


A world where people understand their own potential and realise that they are unique and their life experiences and their stories are of value to others.  A world where people live together in harmony and mutual respect, where they are non-judgemental and see the good in each other, where they celebrate each day and are grateful for all that they have, including their freedom.  A world where people aspire to inspire so that we are all working toward a great good.


Margi and Janie are Digital Entrepreneurs who get paid commissions as consultants by recommending and reselling products and services from other companies that they trust and use themselves.

Margi runs a successful stress relief therapy with clients local and global.

Our Values


Our mission is to educate others on how to use their story and uniqueness to create valuable content that inspires others.  To coach and mentor those people;  allow them to open their minds to the possibilities available in a digital economy.  To show them many doors that are open to them when they know the truth.  To help people overcome their limitations, and to believe in themselves so that they can become the best person they can be and contribute to the world in a fulfilling and meaningful way. To be able to help one person at a time and for them to share what they have learnt and for this to have a ripple affect.


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